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Picture 1: ~1st week of May 2014 (1 year 6 months on T, 5 months post op)

Picture 2: Today September 13th 2014 (1 year 10 months on T, 9 months post op)


Hips narrower, shoulders broader, pecs more defined, stomach flatter… did I mention HIPS NARROWER?!?!

In the first picture I had been working out for about a week or 2… and then sometime in June kinda stopped and pretty much stopped taking care of myself (mentally, emotionally, physically). I started eating shitty food again and stopped exercising… But in July I got back on it. Started running 3 days a week, and doing body weight exercises 3 days a week with one day of rest. Started eating healthier, making sure I am putting the right stuff into my system to get the results I want. Just today i was looking at the second picture and was kinda complaining about my hips… but the  I found this one from 4 months ago AND HOLY SHIT I AM SO STOKED FOR THIS PROGRESS! 


My chest is healing, slowly but surely. I still need to bind every so often as I’m a little swollen. I also have to put micropore tape over my scars to help them heal straight and thin.
Nipples are coming along. They’re basically big scabs right now and the left is a little oozy; not so hot.
Other than that I need to let the skin breathe again as it got pretty gross under all the dressings!


This is how bruised and fucked up I looked one week post op. Every surgery I get results in huge nasty dark purple bruises, but I have to admit this was quite shocking to see when I get my bandages off!

This was one week post op, the bruises were mostly gone 6 weeks post op but the was still some faint bruising that lingered until closer to 8 weeks.

(Ps the red splotch was this gross area that the tape peeled the skin right off. I just to had a small reaction to a dressing or something so yeah. The scar just faded out of existence a little after a year post op)

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